Denne Joinery, Vision, values and beliefs

Our Vision

"To create exceptional standards in everything we do,
against which all others are measured"

Values and beliefs

  • Denne Joinery sets the standards for its industry through quality, innovation and efficiency;
  • Exceeding customer expectation is the basis of our business;
  • Our staff are our main asset and investment in them will deliver continuous improvements;
  • We believe in our employees' commitment to take responsibility, to perform their duties well and to co-operate fairly and fully with all people within the company;
  • In order to face the challenges of a competitive market Denne Joinery must always question everything every it does in order to provide the best service in the industry.


"Throughout the project Denne Joinery and their staff performed their duties with professionalism and competence and supplied and installed work of a consistently high standard. They were co-operative and polite at all times, on and off site and made a positive contribution to the process of finalising detailed design and the sourcing of the correct timbers and veneers for the job"

Spencer Mills Director - Faithdean PLC
Project: Cantillon Office fit out, Jermyn St. London